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Husam Al-Hennawi

Automatic Stair Climber Machine

About the Project

In all parts of the world, many buildings are not easily accessible for the elderly and physically disabled.  Husam devised the “Automatic Stair Climber Machine,” seeking to enhance mobility in the Middle East and beyond.

Husam’s “Automatic Stair Climber Machine” uses robotic, tank-style treads for users to ascend stairs without effort, at the press of a button. A special standing platform on the device pivots during operation to ensure that the user is always standing upright and stable, even while the machine climbs steep stairs.  The “Automatic Stair Climber Machine” makes every building accessible, allowing many to have improved freedom of movement and an improved quality of life.

Beyond Stars of Science

Hailing from a country at the center of a decades-long conflict, Husam Al-Hennawi embodies the bright potential of  hard-working youth. At 27 years old at the time of his appearance on Stars of Science 7, he impressed the judges with his passion and thirst for knowledge. His unique story inspired all of those who took the journey with him – family, friends, fans, and even his ‘competitors’ on the show. Husam’s determination to succeed took him all the way to the prototyping stage.

Among the many doors of opportunity that have opened up for Husam, he considers SOS his largest and most significant. It skyrocketed him to regional fame, elevated his prototype to a tangible product, and packaged it in a way suitable for business. To Husam, SOS 7 was once-in-a-lifetime journey that has allowed him to do what he loves, and be independent, at a relatively young age.

With a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, and a Master’s degree in electrical communications engineering, Husam currently works as a consultant for electro-communications companies in Palestine. His expertise centers around renewable energy, focusing on solar energy installation and design for private residences and large factories alike. Years after his stint at SOS, Husam has applied the knowledge gained during the show to hone his entrepreneurial background.

“I will always be grateful to the show for introducing me to a world I was otherwise not privy to,” he said. I’ve always been a science-oriented individual, focusing on the science behind my ideas. SOS introduced me to other key aspects that are critical to the success of any innovation, such as marketing and business.”

Personal Reflection

“Imagination, diligence, and then patience. That’s always been my three-word motto in life, and it’s helped me get through all the challenges I’ve faced so far.”

Quiet, suave, and always collected, Husam’s geeky outer persona is only enriched by his inner artistic soul. He embraces both the idea and the execution…the design and the prototype…the science and the art. Indeed, Husam is only satisfied when witnessing first-hand how his ideas are helping people in need.

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