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Husam Sameer

Efficient Comfort Concrete Panels


A proud father of two – with a passion for engineering – Husam knows a thing or two about solving problems. This academic wants to protect and secure the planet for future generations, focusing his life’s work on solving the biggest challenge of them all: Global Warming.

Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Al-Mustansiriya University, Iraq, and a Master of Science in Construction Management from the University of Baghdad, Iraq, Husam has been conjuring up ways to save the environment for many years now. The Iraqi is currently working on his Ph.D. project at the University of Kassel, Germany, which focuses on environmentally-friendly buildings; placing a great emphasis on sustainability in construction.

“I relentlessly defend my ideas and processes, and this leads to many long discussions!” said Husam. Despite the heated debates, Husam is a family man at heart and loves his wife and two kids unconditionally. “Leaving them to come to Qatar has not been easy, but I know this is for a good cause.”


About the Project

As a Ph.D. student, Husam has heavily researched ways to combat the impact of construction on global warming and resource use, including how to decrease carbon dioxide emissions during building construction. He identified home cooling – with air conditioners (AC) in particular – as one of the significant contributors to the international environmental crisis in the Middle East; especially since it consumes massive amounts of energy. “In this region alone, we use ACs for almost eight months of every year during the summer and hot periods,” he said.

His solution is an innovative building structure that uses Efficient Comfort Concrete Panels to improve cooling energy consumption and the distribution of cooled air. The slabs and walls are made from the hollow-core pre-cast material, allowing air to pass through the gaps in the wall and enable them to cool themselves and consequently to cool the space inside buildings



Husam hopes his design will help reduce the impact of conventional ACs on the environment in the Middle East. While the region heavily depends on efficient cooling systems, the sources of energy that power them are mainly non-renewable. The novel design of the Efficient Comfort Concrete Panels could significantly contribute to existing efforts to decrease energy consumption in the country, region, and the world. Furthermore, without the need for additional air ducts, the slabs would help ensure better utilization of room space.

The competitive problem-solver expects his invention will have effects beyond saving the environment; wanting to dominate the market and show his kids the importance of following their dreams.