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Story of

Imadeddine Azzouz

Health Breath Scanner


A true Renaissance man, Imadeddine dabbled in business, computer science, and mathematics from a young age. He also played the piano and compiled a large personal library before settling into a career in analytical chemistry.

The Algerian faced many challenges along the way, which did not stop him from securing four patents and publishing five research projects to date. During his studies and trans-continental travels, he gained a unique sense of the link between scientific innovation and technology – eventually inspiring him to join Stars of Scienceand share his inventive spirit with the wider Arab community!

Yet, Imadeddine’s biggest inspiration comes from a very personal place. After two of his relatives (both heavy smokers) sadly passed away, the chemist turned his attention to the curative study of cancer. “I am not a physician or a biologist; I am a chemist. Cancer’s gas emissions are as unique as our fingerprints. The chemistry of healthy cells are different from the cancer-infected cells; this is the clue!”


About the Project 

Early cancer detection is a prerogative of the scientific community, and Imadeddine wants to become part of the solution. His project aims to provide an innovative way to detect an individual’s predisposition to cancer before initial symptoms develop.

Unlike blood samples, breath is unlimited. By capturing and analyzing exhaled breath samples, Imadeddine’s project categorizes a patient’s state of health through the chemical breakdown of cancer-infected cells.Cancer detection through the respiratory system carries the potential to be recognized as an elegant, less invasive solution for the medical community. 



The Health Breath Scanner brings a new level of accuracy to existing ‘breath sampler’ devices and gives medical professionals essential diagnostic time prior to the first appearance of symptoms. Particularly developing countries with lower financial resources stand to benefit from this accelerated diagnostics system. A true scientific innovation!