Success Stories

Story of

Jaber Henzab

4th Place Winner

About the project

Jaber’s invention, entitled ‘Automated Home Pharmacy’, aims to help the elderly consume their prescribed medication at the right time. He noticed that many older, sick people in his society depended on family members to take their medicine on a daily basis which is why he decided to address this issue by creating an automated system. He believes his invention will enable the elderly to become more independent and will facilitate their daily lives.

Beyond Stars of Science

Jaber has set up his product design company “Tiraz” in Qatar. He’s specializing in concept generation, industrial design and 3D printing with the aim of helping other innovators to conceptualize their ideas and produce models or printed prototypes.

Jaber has also enrolled in a car school design and he’s currently working on new innovation related t car concept. Jaber was the first Qatari national to train with Porsche AG in Germany, the prestigious car's manufacturer. He also attended a training session in Japan with Chubu Electric to learn about electricity and in 2011, was classified second runner-up at the QITCOM Exhibition in Doha, Qatar. Jaber’s hands-on, international experience allowed him to acquire in-depth knowledge about several industries which he hopes will contribute to the future of his country and the Arab world.

Personal Reflection

For Jaber, Stars of Science is only the beginning of the entrepreneurship journey where all the help is provided. “It was a very valuable and rewarding experience to be on Stars of Science but many challenges face the entrepreneurs afterward and we have to be ready for that” says Jaber.

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