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Jamal Shaktour




Driven to help others in need, Jamal volunteered as a first responder in Palestine for eight years, helping to rescue victims of conflict and providing the necessary treatment. A student in Palestine Polytechnic University’s Industrial Automation Engineering program, he is committed to wielding his youthful energy and knowledge in service of his community.


The proud Palestinian is a serial inventor, overflowing with ideas that could help people in their daily lives. He entered the Arab Entrepreneurship Rally 2019, hosted in Bahrain, leading a team to design and develop the “Power Standing Mobile Wheelchair.” This device helps physically disabled people maintain healthy circulation in their body by supporting the patient in a standing posture and enabling mobility.


Jamal also participated in 2019 at the 9th Engineering Forum in Oman with his Rescue Pack and was able to win first place in the creative community service projects category! This experience and many others taught the young man much about the entrepreneurial side of innovation, learning from the time spent working with his team and the feedback gained from experts at the competition.


Unwavering, he stays true to his fighting spirit and vows to keep on inventing, determined to continue his higher education to better deliver new solutions that improve lives across the Arab world. “Education and knowledge are the path to success, not just for myself, but for the overall community. A successful inventor will always make a difference in their community!”


About the Project 

For first responders operating in conflict zones, every second counts. When rescuing people from fires or treating victims of poisonous gases, these heroes need to rush into action in order to save lives. However, protecting themselves and victims from exposure to harmful chemicals and substances in the air can cost precious time. A responder must ensure that their patient applies their airtight mask correctly, while also taking care to carry their oxygen supplies without losing or damaging their containers. 


These experiences helped Jamal formulate the Dual Mask Rescue Pack. This unique invention provides a portable solution for first responders everywhere, helping them to save time and focus on evacuating people safely. The pack removes the need for an oxygen supply entirely by channelling a filtration system, designed to cleanse air mixed with a placebo substance to prevent suffocation and help open the breathing airways, making it significantly less dangerous than carrying an explodable oxygen tank, which can be hit in the crossfire. The support system integrates two masks, one for the rescuer and another for the casualty, as well as an isolated pump to pressurise the mask during installation, helping stop the entrapment of poisonous gases inside.





Jamal appreciates that first responders around the world face incredible challenges when trying to help others. He personally suffered from the effects of poisonous gas while on a rescue mission, hindering his ability to carry out lifesaving tasks. “If my Dual Mask Rescue Pack could even make a fraction of a difference to those in need, it’s worth the shot,” he urges. “It could also serve to protect emergency workers in fighting natural disasters around the world, such as firefighters.”


Aside from its obvious humanitarian benefits – and the lives it can save – Jamal aims to invent a device that would benefit the whole world with a “Made in Palestine” seal. This proves that growing up surrounded by hardships can push you to innovate and excel.