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Jenan Al Shehab

Blood glucose detector via infrared radiations

About the Project

When she appeared on Stars of Science Season 2 in 2010, Jenan Al Shehab was still in her first year at university, majoring in electrical engineering at Kuwait University. After her grandmother was diagnosed with diabetes and suffered from a diabetic coma, Jenan decided to design a device that alerts doctors of a patient’s impending hypoglycemic coma. The life-threatening diabetes complication causes unconsciousness and can result in brain damage. The medical tester is developed with diagnostic and predictive capabilities. Jenan’s fundamental idea was to create a device with the potential of saving lives. 


Beyond Stars of Science

After finishing her bachelor’s in electrical engineering, Jenan pursued a master’s degree in systems and process control graduating in 2021. In her thesis, she encompassed different expertise, including electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering. In the precious free-time she had, she worked on several other innovations. 

Jenan is currently the founder and CEO of Electrodis Est now rebranded as Electrodis Tech. Established in 2016, Jenan’s business venture was considered the first of its kind in the region. The start-up manufactures electromagnetic cells to provide power to electronics in general. Her company’s grand opening is scheduled for September 2021 with all her projects and products being ready. 

Driven to start her own business, she decided to prioritize one project –electromagnetic cells, and bring it to fruition until it reaches the global market. She’s hoping to implement Electrodis products in airports, ministries, even homes across the United States and Europe in addition the MENA region. She’s to receive funding from the Kuwaiti government prior to the launch of her company which she believes will get her company moving. 

She has been participating in several expos and conventions all around the world, from Moscow, through London, Canada, Taiwan, and Tokyo with plans to hit South Africa and Australia next. She enjoys going to conventions as it allows her to meet like-minded individuals from innovators, engineers, business people and potential partners and investors. Jenan is currently focusing all her efforts on her business but she has done several innovation projects throughout the years. In July 2019, she received a patent from the United States Patent Office (USPTO) for her invention "Wireless Power transmission System." 

The savvy business woman has a curious soul. She is always wandering, looking for exciting new experiences. After visiting Orlando, U.S, Jenan registered and successfully finished the Astronaut Training Experience (ATX) offered by NASA. She even went on to climb Mt. Everest. During an 8-day hike, she made it to the world’s highest peak on her first attempt. “I had several breakdowns and wanted to give up on the way. But I didn’t stop, and this is what matters.” During the COVID-19 lockdown, she started scuba-diving in her home country of Kuwait and what began as a hobby ended up with her finishing the program and becoming a scuba-diving master training other people. 


Personal Reflection

Jenan recalls when some advisors and entrepreneurs back in 2015, told her that Electrodis will not succeed. “Everyone has their own Mount Everest. No matter how many obstacles exist on the way, the journey is always leading upwards. This notion keeps me moving,” she said. When asked how she would describe her way of work, Jenan resorted to answering in 3 words: “serious, adventurous, and relatable.”



  • The Kuwait Prize for Science and Technology by His Highness Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti Emir (2018)
  • Gold medal from "Archimedes international forum, MOSCOW” (2019)


  • Special Recognition Award from "Global Woman inventor and innovator network GWIIN" (2019)
  •  Double gold Award from " Global woman inventor and innovator network GWIIN" (2019) 
  •  GWIIN Ambassador "First Arab ambassador" (2019) 
  • The gold medal and two awards in the final of the iCAN- Canada (2020)
  • Nominated by the Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skill (TISIAS) to participate in the World Genius Convention (WGC) in Tokyo-Japan where she won two gold awards and got the special genius award in the finals (May 2021)
  • TISIAS also nominated Jenan for the KIDE award where she also received two gold awards (December 2020)


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