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Mahmoud Shattel


About the project

Mahmoud invented a “Vertical Wind Turbine” called “Reyah-T”, a turbine which generates power from wind four times more resourcefully than traditional turbines (four watts versus one), and has the ability to generate power from low speed winds.

Beyond Stars of Science

An electrical engineer, Mahmoud founded the company for renewable energy, “Taqetna”. He is currently the project manager of The White Energy Company affiliated with AlAjlan Allied Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also a consultant in the field of power generation, transformation and transportation, and a renewable energy professional accredited by the International Accreditation Organization.

Mahmoud has taken several important steps in developing the Efficient Vertical Wind Turbine, now named Reyah, and has expanded his private company in Jordan, “Taqetna”.

“Taqetna” offers a plethora of green solutions through the development of renewable energy products such as solar panels, solar water heaters, and the “Reyah” turbine which generates power from low speed wind, promoting energy efficiency. Additionally, “Taqetna” offers consultancy services to a number of companies and institutions in Jordan, in order to reduce carbon emissions and promote the use of environmentally safe sources of energy.

In addition to his entrepreneurial and engineering experience, Mahmoud Shattel is an accredited professional by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO).

Mahmoud also contributes to the development of the technical skills of a new generation of renewable energy experts, by organizing workshops for the exchange of information and training through “Taqetna”. So far, “Taqetna” has trained more than 1500 engineers and energy experts in Jordan and GCC countries.

Mahmoud concluded the year 2015 by overseeing the implementation of more than 210 solar and renewable energy projects in Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mahmoud has won a number of awards, such as the Emirates Energy Award he received in Dubai, the Clean TECH Open Award, and the DAI Clean Award. He ranked second in the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition, and also second out of 400 world-class companies in the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Competition in Istanbul. He was one of the top ten candidates for the MIT Award in Qatar.

Personal Reflection

A pioneering innovator who fulfills all of his roles with the highest levels of professionalism, be it leader, motivator, or active member, qualities that every pioneer should have in Mahmoud’s opinion. For Mahmoud, ideas are useless if they are not brought to life and shared with others. “Should you have an idea and you share it, people will improve it and help it mature and grow”. His measure of success is the number of people benefiting from his projects: “This is the best part of what I do”. His current passion is to develop new technologies that can be used by future generations to facilitate their lives, and make them more efficient and environmentally friendly. Few words that best describe his modus operandi: “Do much with a little!” He also says about Stars of Science: “This experience gave me a broader perspective on science and the world, and has made achieving my goal an urgent challenge!”

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