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Maymoona Ayesh

Date Pits Filter

About the Project

Maymoona’s project, “Date Pits Filter in Desalination”, is aimed at desalinating water with the use of ground date seeds as a filter and distiller, rendering the water safe to drink. With the growing population and the diminishing sources of clean water, there is an urgent need to find effective desalination methods the soonest possible, especially in the Middle East. Maymoona’s device would render the desalination process easier and more cost-effective.

As if the pressure of finding a solution to this issue was not enough, Maymoona must also represent her colleagues and Professor Mohammad al Ghouti at Qatar University, with funding from the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), an institution that provides grants to academic projects.

Beyond Stars of Science

Maymoona is currently working as an assistant researcher at Qatar University. She received new funding for the project, amounting to 100 thousand dollars, in order to start working on the project next year. She also ranked first in Qatar among all projects submitted in the Get In The Ring Competition. She is working towards securing a patent for her innovation in Qatar and Jordan.

Personal Reflection

An assistant researcher at Qatar University, she dreams of establishing her own factory to implement her project. She is motivated by science and her family’s support. “Scientific, distinguished, accurate.” This is how she describes her modus operandi. Her message to young innovators: “It takes much effort to reap the fruits of success”. On the impact Stars of Science had on her: “My journey in Stars of Science made me both a different and a productive person at the same time”.

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