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Mohamed Farag

Smart Gym Retrofit

About the Project

Mohamed is a lifelong fitness enthusiast. He understands the challenges that come with following a strict fitness regime. “If you want to see what your body can achieve, you have to continuously push it beyond its limit.” Thus spoke the sports guru. He came on Stars of Science with an innovative device for fitness lovers and healthy lifestyle fans at large.

The small gadget, installed on a fitness machine automatically monitors, saves and analyzes workout data. Information about a person’s weight, sets and reps, and other useful data, which can be stored on a phone application, is saved and shared with a personal trainer.

Mohamed’s fitness tool assists trainers in giving more effective, substantiated, customized and overall better advice to their clients. The device can be installed on new or existing fitness machines, streamlining the flow of information to users, coaches, and gyms. Trainers, you can leave your notebooks at home!

Beyond Stars of Science

Mohamed’s plate is intentionally full. The dynamic innovator only stops when spending quality time with his family.

With an extensive background in professional software development and industrial automation, Mohamed is set to employ all his skills at all times. He’s a software engineering manager at Aurea (ESW Capital). Aurea is specialized in acquiring and growing business software companies. “I am fortunate to be given a look behind the scenes of a successful company and in an industry I am most passionate about. It’s an effective way to refine your skills in an environment which teaches you the ins and outs, allowing you to experience what running a company looks like before starting your own.”

Mohamed is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Smartly.Fit, the first step in the evolution of his Stars of Science innovation going from concept to consumer-ready product.

He is equally proud of his software developing achievements “I have successfully completed 70 projects with 46 different clients, from six different countries, in the past nine years.”– That’s one way to show commitment and drive!

Right after his appearance on Stars of Science, Mohamed’s workout tracker saw a lot of interest from investors in the US. Now, he has a second iteration of the product in hand, a patent drafted, and is working on redesigning the hardware.

While he works on securing more funding for Smartly.Fit, Mohamed’s been helping other go-getters and innovators. He’s a technical consultant for different startups in Egypt, mentoring people on the software and hardware they’ve developed, and more importantly the tricky business aspects.

Two of his favorite ventures are a note-taking, and an expenditure application that he’s working on. The former is aimed at university students and professionals. The app makes taking notes easier and users can upload their writing to share with their peers. The second app focuses on awareness of expenditure in a world where money seems to fly out of our pockets! A special link to your bank account allows for alerts telling you if and when you can afford certain items.

Personal Reflection

Mohamed loves the idea of innovation-communities, and thrives in them. “When you have a few good heads put together, the ideas start flying around.”

He has his eyes set on continuing to manage upcoming talents. “If someone’s good at a specific area of development, or has an idea, I want to help manage them. You have to approach every project differently; some need a lot of hands-on advice, others are better left cracking on until they need your expertise on specifics.”

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