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Mohamed Orsod

Portable Food Oil Tester
2nd Place Winner

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As a 2ndplace winner on the inaugural season of Stars of Sciencein 2009, Mohamed successfully established himself as one of the best innovators in the Arab world. Leveraging his passion and expertise in physics and electronics, Mohamed invented the Portable Food Oil Tester. The device uses laser radiation to test the safety of cooking oils. This process can be used to improve the food inspection process. The invention measures the quality of oils and records the results immediately using an online application. Mohamed’s innovation is extremely important in the field of food quality control. It can be used by both restaurants and factories. The invention guarantees on-the-spot analysis resulting in prevention of food poisoning.

Beyond Stars of Science


Mohammed is currently working as an electronics engineer at the Qatar Scientific Club. Heis still developing his innovation and is completing his Master of Laser Physics at the Laser Research Institute of Sudan- University of Science and Technology.

Mohammed had patented a system of 11,500 watts programmed to study the efficiency of solar cells and the impact of dust, registered in Sudan 2017. 


Stars of Sciencewas an inspiration for Mohamed. He realized the importance of instilling an appreciation for technology in others. “When an inventor is surrounded by a supportive infrastructure, research facilities, and funds for development, it will positively impact his or her quality of work. I want to help build this environment, and help establish a culture of innovation in my home country Sudan.” 

Mohamed has been true to his word, investing his Stars of Sciencewinnings to help young people at home succeed. He established a center to guide youth in the process of developing prototypes. He has also led innovation training courses, recently designing workshop sessions to encourage prospective entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas. Mohamed believes his efforts will help younger generations to be inspired to add value to their communities.


His technology incubation center for Sudanese youth and adults was recently covered on the Franco-German channel ARTE TV. “Qatar Foundation gave me the opportunity to develop myself, and I would like to pay it forward to my own community by helping youth develop themselves.”


In the past year, Mohammed has been busy developing new, innovative technologies that has made him a powerhouse, both in Sudan and to his Arab fan base across the region. He has entered into global competitions, even making it to the qualifying rounds. Recently, his project was chosen in the finalist rounds of Mashrooy, a British Council venture in Sudan targeting young entrepreneurs. 


Personal Reflection


Mohamed’s time at Stars of Sciencewas an amazing journey of motivation and inspiration. He still remembers when His Highness the Father Emir and Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser visited his laboratory and voiced their support and encouragement. 

Mohamed is a strong believer in the power of a friendly environment for knowledge creation. He reflects on his journey, saying: “The biggest lesson I have learned from Stars of Scienceis how to self-reflect and use my strengths to innovate. This differentiates Stars of Sciencefrom all the other initiatives I have participated inIt is not just about winning. It’s about slowly but surely cultivating the spirit of innovation on a global scale.” 



Gold Medal at the International Inventions Forum, Shiraz, Iran 2012

Silver Medal at the International Invention Forum, Seoul, South Korea 2011

Gold Medal at the International Invention Forum, Yancheng, China 2015

Lead Inventor Award from the President of the Korean Electricity and Energy Corporation in South Korea for the invention of a programmed system to simulate sunlight and study the efficiency of solar cells capacity of 11500 W ,2015

Silver medal at the International Invention Forum, Kunshan China 2016

Third place in the Falling Walls Lab competition at the level of research centers and universities in Visa, Austria, 2015

Gold Medal at the International Invention Forum, Foshan, China 2017


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