Success Stories

Story of

Mohammad Almogahwi

Automated Hands-Free Toothbrush

A true visionary, Mohammad prides himself on putting in the hard work, powering him to achieve his goals. Holding the American Board in Periodontics and Implant Surgery from New York University, USA, the Kuwaiti had a passion for science and innovation from an early age. Armed with his ever-lasting curiosity and the support of his family, the dentist led a life in pursuit of knowledge. Inspired by notable Kuwaiti Stars of Science alumni, Mohammad knew it was time to commence his innovation journey. Wanting to give back to the scientific community in the Arab world, Mohammad aims to inspire the younger Arab generation through his time on Stars of Science and show them that the formula for success starts with perseverance and confidence.

Project & Impact

Although often taken for granted, oral health and dental hygiene are essential to preventing diseases, encourages proper chewing, and are a key indicator of overall wellbeing that should be facilitated with dignity for all. What’s more, the average person wastes vast amounts of water on the process of brushing teeth alone, as they habitually use much more than necessary. Mohammad’s Automated Hands-Free Toothbrush, mechanized by U-shaped mouthpiece, is designed to cover all teeth simultaneously for quick and effective teeth brushing, especially for elderly and people with special needs. The device integrates an automated water dispensing and collection mechanism that limits the amount of water used in the process. The Kuwaiti dentist realized that many people struggle with oral health and was inspired by his patients’ need for an easier and more accurate method of brushing teeth than what is currently available. This pushed him to innovate and adapt that idea to target a bigger issue – one for dental hygiene.

The Aftermath of SoS

After his participation in SoS, Mohammad launched the cloud pharmacy. He expended his business and he is working now with a team of 7 employees within the Kuwaiti health sector, closely dealing with Doctors and medical professionals and local paratheatrical companies.