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Mohammed Al Housani

1st Place Winner

About the project

Mohammed has won 1st place in SOS6 with his innovation “Efficient Solar Energy System” called Taqatech, geared towards optimizing an integration of technologies to make them more effective in supplying hot water and electricity. With his solution, Mohammed believes he can change the solar industry and ultimately make solar energy more accessible to consumers.

The “Efficient Solar Energy System” aims to improve performance of solar panels in intense climates like the gulf using a concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) system, water cooling and thermo electric generators (TEG) mounted on solar concentrators.

Beyond Stars of Science

Mohammed is pursuing a Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Environment at Hamad bin Khalifa University in Doha, Qatar.  He also participated in the World Youth Conference on Climate Change in France. He participated in the international convention of inventions in Kuwait 2015 & won the gold medal. Mohammed is currently in communication with different international investors in order to license his stars of science invention.

Mohammed has distinguished himself as a dedicated contributor and mentor within his community.  As the head of the Renewable Energy Department at Qatar Scientific Club, a non-profit organization that encourages scientific activities and hobbies, he organizes training, workshops and courses for youth.  Mohammed is also an ambassador for Qatar Charity.  In that role, he helps to raise funds for humanitarian causes around the world. Mohammed was also the ambassador for Challenge 22, an innovative initiative initiated by Qatar 2022, where he encouraged innovation among the youth.

The young Qatari has also been an ambassador for innovation internationally.  Along with Khaled Abu Jassoum from SOS Season 4, he travelled to the UK to speak to Qatari students about entrepreneurship, inventing and design. Mohammed regularly appears in local media to encourage young people to learn about science and technology.  He is actively involved in community outreach activities, such as visiting youth centers and speaking at universities.

Mohammed received the following awards:

International convention of inventions- Gold medal.

The GCC youth service award.

Ambassador of innovation award- challenge 22.

Shining youth award-Katara.

Promising youth award- Albayyan educational complex.

Gold invention award-Qatar Scientific club.

Qatar youth achievements award-Qatar youth center.

Qatar young inventor’s award-Alfarooq education complex.

Personal Reflection

“Stars of science made me a person who knows how to set up his goal, how to plan for them and how to reach them. The value of SOS is not in winning or losing. All who take on this journey are winners, because after that journey, you are already a different person, a better person who can dream and achieve his dreams” says Mohammed.

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