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Mohammed Doumir

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A veterinarian from Algeria, Mohammed Doumir is the director of Vetosis for veterinary research and innovation at Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP). Mohammed’s innovation, “Camel Racing Diagnostic Boots”, is a device that diagnoses limping in racing animals (particularly camels) using specialized sensors. The device uses wireless communication to send data to a computer for analysis. The project integrates accelerometers, pressure sensors and wireless communication transmitters in four different shoe-like pads that can be installed on the four feet of a racing camel during the diagnosing testing phase. A remote station monitors the collected data in a moving car traveling on a parallel road to the racing track. The invention is innovative because it combines the expert knowledge of a vet’s medical diagnosis with the concurrent analysis of collected data from sensors on the camel.

Given his practice in the field of camel injury diagnosis, Mohammed noticed that numerous trainers had trouble detecting the source of a camel’s injury. He wanted to come up with a solution that would prevent the animals from suffering for a long period of time and allow for the issue to be detected in a more efficient, less costly manner. After several trials, he thought of creating the diagnostic boots. 

Beyond Stars of Science

After fielding offers from many investors eager to provide financial backing for his invention, Mohammed decided to stay in Qatar to launch his Camel Racing Diagnostic Boots with the support of Qatar Science & Technology Park which provided all the needed requirements for development and investment in his projects. Doumir now has his own company, Vetosis, operating thanks to brilliant Arab minds and efforts. Currently, Mohammed Doumir is adding new applications to his device, for camel training and fitness promotion. Doumir says that the application will be available on smart phones for camel owners, allowing them to closely monitor sports exercises and adjust them accordingly for the camels they own or train. Doumir secured a patent in Algeria, GCC countries, and recently the United States of America.

Mohammed participated – along with his colleague Mohammed Al Kuwari, who ranked second in Stars of Science – in the “Al-Fikra” competition launched by Enterprise Qatar, winning second place in the professional category for their smart phone application “Al Galayel” which simulates camel racing. Qatar Business Incubation Center, considered as the biggest business incubator for entrepreneurial development and innovation in the MENA region, incubated Doumir and Al-Kuwari’s joint project, providing major support and capabilities, particularly in terms of expert advice and financial support. It also allocated office premises for the project.

Doumir also participated in the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland in April 2015, and thus had the opportunity to present his invention “Dr. Doumir” outside of the Arab region. His invention was included in the medical devices category in the exhibition.

Personal Reflection:

“Winning the Stars of Science title gave me the biggest financial and moral push of my life. It marked a turning point in my scientific and practical life. It remains a major source of inspiration for my energy and enthusiasm.” Thus the man with a quarter million followers on Facebook describes his Stars of Science experience.

Discussing Stars of Science further, he tells new innovators: “Stars of Science is a science platform. When you think, think scientifically. When you discuss, discuss scientifically. When you execute, execute scientifically.”

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Media Links

Mohammed regularly speaks to several media outlets about his inventions. He has been interviewed by Qatar Television, Echourouk TV, El Djazairia TV, and a string of newspapers in his native country Algeria and several countries in the region.