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Mourad Benosman

4th Place Winner

“I’ve enjoyed the Stars of Science experience not only for the opportunities it has afforded me, but also the wonderful, helpful people I’ve met in Qatar along the way,” said Mourad Benosman 4th place winner at Stars of Science, season 7. 

Project & Impact

Existing heart monitors are able to accurately measure increases and decreases in heart rate. However, they cannot determine if a high heart rate is due to physical activity, like climbing a flight of stairs, or other factors, like cardiac events or periods of high stress. Mourad ’s invention, Digiheart, differentiates between physical and mental stress by using sensors that detect the wearer’s physical movement. This allows doctors and users alike to gather and analyze more data, leading to better health outcomes.

The Aftermath of SoS

The Algerian joined the prestigious Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) Accelerator Program, which provided him with funding, intensive sessions with innovation experts, and office space for his team. 

Mourad has been courting potential investors for Digiheart and, ever the competitor, is planning to participate in future technology competitions around the world. Viewers of Season 7 know that Mourad’s excellent technical skills carried him throughout the competition. He is now working to master another challenge - further developing his communications skills so he can speak to venture capitalists in the boardroom with as much ease as he speaks to fellow engineers in the lab.

Mourad met Dr. Ziany Mohammed Chems Eddine, together they found that mental stress is not only related to external events but also body internet events. It is not only external stress events that influence body but also when the body is not healthy, a person is more vulnerable to external stress events. They also started working on chronic pains and how they influence a person to be week against stress. 

After years of work, in 2022, the two were able to develop a device with a medical protocol  to remove lot of chronic pains that could not be removed before such as knee pain, back pain, hernia pain, multiple sclerosis pain. They carried out treatments in Turkey and Qatar and generated satisfaction from beneficiaries and patients. Mourad is currently planning to open a clinic in Doha. 

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