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Nizar Chelly

User-friendly Modern Scanner

“Together with other SOS alumni, we represent different and diverse expertise. And together we can assist and collaborate to complement each other and make a lasting positive impact” says Nizar Chelly, Stars of Science season 8 contestant who created the user-friendly scanning device. 

Project & Impact 

Nizar applied to Stars of Science to work on a user-friendly scanning device, with the aim of making life easier for everyone. The portable tool is slightly larger than an A4-sized paper and allows users to connect to their phones. It captures 2D and 3D images, able to upload them using a phone’s camera. Nizar’s innovation uses robotic technology to scan several pages at once without the need to manually insert each document at a time. This makes it a more convenient option than your run-of-the-mill scanner.

The Aftermath of SoS

Nizar has recently launched his own robotics club for children, ‘Robot Lab Tunisia’. The STEM-education centered club introduces students to coding, programming, and 3D printing through various playful activities. Nizar’s ‘baby’ hasn’t even celebrated its first birthday yet and already won an award for best robotics lab in Tunisia

Nizar has also been busy bringing another idea to life; automatic maintenance of clay tennis courts. Anyone who has played on a clay court knows it’s impossible to use unless the top material is evened out. Typically, groundsmen spend a lot of time raking across a court to maintain its usability. Nizar’s invention drags a net from one side of the court to the other, making sure that the minerals are evenly rolled out for a flat and optimal surface. With the ability to do this remotely, and across multiple courts at the same time, the time and financial savings are sure to be eye-catching.

He channels all his energy and creativity into his ‘Robot Lab Tunisia.’ He’s even working to find a buyer for his SOS patent in order to invest back in educating the next generation of robotic geniuses.  In the local Market, Nizar initiative is training around 80 kids monthly. 

In 2019, Nizar received the first prize for inventors in Tunisia. 

In 2021, he launched Tadreex Startup- Online corporate training (lean management and safety training) using virtual reality and serious games. Nizar always dreamt of turning the club into an innovative school and throughout his passion and dedication, his dream is coming true. 

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Facebook: Nizar.Chelly.Engineer

Facebook: robotlabkids

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