Success Stories

Story of

Ousama Dghaish

Car Refueling Tester

About the Project

A self-proclaimed car enthusiast, Ousama spent his childhood admiring the latest cars from around the world. The Jordanian nurtured this passion throughout his life, building his own knowledge in the mechanical systems powering these machines before arriving at Stars of Science Season 6 with an automotive innovation. 


The inventor’s project, the Car Refueling Tester, protects vehicles, homes, and even petrol stations from any damage accrued from using the wrong fuel. It uses special sensors to detect the compatibility of the gasoline as well as any impurities within, alerting users if they are filling their tanks with incorrect or flawed fuel. Left unchecked, failure to use the right petrol can have serious consequences, including extensive damage to a car’s engine and gearbox.

Beyond Stars of Science

Ousama acquired  investment for his Car Refueling Tester, winning logistical and financial support from a variety of funds in Jordan, including the King Abdullah II Fund For Development and Luminius Shamal, a prominent start-up accelerator in the country. To date, he obtained an international patent for the design and acquired 19,500 Jordanian Dinar for the project so far.


The passionate entrepreneur used this money to help him create a team dedicated to developing his project, which led to him setting up his own company, Bonobo Auto. As CEO, he spends his time alongside his staff working to bring his idea to life while also engineering new automotive systems. The young research and development company is currently supported by FasterCapital, a virtual incubator based in Dubai, UAE.

Ever the petrolhead, Ousama’s future plans revolve around cars, but with a special focus in the Middle East. He dreams of founding a company in the region that acts as a research and development centre for a budding Arab car industry, helping to fuel a homegrown passion for cars while also promoting scientific excellence.


“I want to invent a car completely equipped with Arab innovations,” Ousama added. “This will serve the global community and show the world the promise of Arab innovation!”


Personal Reflection

The Jordanian struggles to think of an experience similar to Stars of Science. It gave him some of his most treasured memories, specifically those nights where he and his fellow Season 6 contestants gathered for dinner to discuss their long days working on their projects. 


At the same time, it also brings back harsher memories. “I remember the feeling of when I was eliminated, the world seemed black and I couldn’t stop thinking that this was the end of my innovation journey,” recounted the Jordanian.


Nevertheless, he learned that this was actually the start of his own journey, where the lessons he learned from the program helping him to continue refining his project. 

“Dreamers should learn from mistakes and not let them break their spirits,” concludes Ousama.