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On Stars of Science Season 8, Saif had one mission - to ensure the visually impaired have access to the infinite world of Arabic literature. It may have seemed like mission impossible when he first contemplated the idea. Viewers, however, soon found out behind Saif’s calm exterior lurks a vibrant, innovative spirit just waiting to burst out. Lo and behold, in a stealthy fashion Tom Cruise would envy, the young Omani quickly established himself with the SOS jury and audience as a force to be reckoned with.

His ‘Baseer’ device is programmed to translate Arabic texts and books into Braille. Braille is a form of written language for the visually impaired. In Braille, patterns of raised dots represent the different characters in a language. After uploading Arabic text, Saif’s device converts the content into Braille, allowing the user to ‘read’ through a state-of-the-art Braille pin board.

Beyond Stars of Science

Participating in Stars of Science was only the beginning for Saif. He does not consider himself successful until the device is in the hands of those who need it.

He will never forget the person who inspired his idea: a blind classmate who did not have access to the same reading material as he had. After leaving SOS, Saif was able to test his invention with Oman’s Information Technology Authority (ITA). He worked hard to further develop his device and enhance its marketability.

Although currently working as a project developer at a private company in Oman, Saif has not forgotten his first love - Baseer. Saif has made software updates to the device. He is currently working to upgrade its design and reboot its program to make it simpler for users.

Personal Reflection

Stars of Science has left a major mark on Saif’s life, enhancing his passion for science and technology. He credits SOS for teaching him many life lessons. “Communication is just as important as the idea,” said Saif. “If I could repeat the experience, I’d definitely spend more time on the marketing aspect, selling it to the audience more clearly and effectively.”

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Media Links

After his stint at SOS, Saif was featured in a small documentary on Oman TV featuring young Omani innovators and entrepreneurs: