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Sultan Al Subhi

2nd Place Winner

About the project

During Stars of Science Season 6, Sultan set out to address a safety and convenience issue common in Islamic Wudu’ (ablution) areas.  Wudu’ is the washing ritual which Muslims perform before prayer.  Often, facilities where Wudu’ takes place can become wet and slippery.  To ensure this important part of the Islamic worshipping process is safe and clean, Sultan designed the Wudu’ Area Robotic Cleaner.  The Wudu’ Area Robotic Cleaner is an autonomous robotic cleaner that dries the surface of any room using special sensors, and has an auto dispensing water mechanism.  The additional feature that marks out the robot is its ability to operate based on a timed local schedule that is adapted to the call for prayer. 



What did Sultan Al Subhi achieve so far?

Sultan placed second in the Middle East category of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, a student technology competition held worldwide, and was named Microsoft’s ambassador to Oman to promote the event.  He has registered the Wudu’ Area Robotic Cleaner for a patent. In the near term, Sultan is focused on earning a degree in Mechatronics Engineering at Penn State University in Pennsylvania, U.S. Meanwhile, he is raising capital in order to further develop his invention. The Omani inventor is doing his part to boost the region’s capacity for innovation.  Sultan has been participating in events for companies in Oman as a speaker, explaining his journey to educate people on how to better cultivate an environment suitable for entrepreneurs.

In 2018, Sultan founded eShara inventions & Development lmt.  EShara for Education is a unique Wifi device invented for those who are not fortunate enough to have access to education in places such as, rural countries, refugee camps, inmate prisoners and eLibraries. The device works with no need for a mobile app which gives access to those who have any Wifi connection device. It doesn't require internet access and it's connected to a solar panel if needed. We believe eShara for Education will revolutionize the eEducation sector. 



Sultan’s personal reflection

“Arab innovators’ potential is unlimited if they are provided the right support and resources,” said Al Subhi.  “I’d like to thank Qatar Foundation for supporting innovators and raising the standards of the field in the Arab world.”

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