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Sylia Khecheni

3rd Place Winner

About the Project

Sylia knew that the advent of commercial drones meant that families risked losing their privacy in their own homes. To combat this, she invented SkyCloak, the Home Privacy Drone Blocker, a device that detects commercial Wi-Fi or radio-controlled drones before jamming remote control signals and blocking any live video transmissions. With her device, drone hobbyists can enjoy using their devices while parents can rest assured that their privacy is protected.



Beyond Stars of Science

After completing her time on Stars of Science season 10, Sylia returned to Algeria and founded Innoteva, an R&D company, along with SOS alumnus Abderrahim Bourouis. 

In parallell with her work at Innoteva , she also got promoted to head of the applied

 Research and Development Center at Algérie Télécom the state-owned telecommunications operator where she worked. 

After a three-year long-haul and several development changes Sylia says they have now “successfully reached a third version MVP prototype [of SkyCloak] that has been tested on over 50 different drones manufactured by 18 different vendors, as well as managed to add to the block list some drones from the Category B” relying on the prize money she got from winning second place in Stars of Science.  In April 2021, the inventor acquired a patent for SkyCloak and is still working on further developing the drone blocker. In 2020, Sylia participated in the International Invention Fair of the Middle East, the largest specialized exhibition of inventions in the region hosting more than 60 nationalities and hundreds of inventions. The Jury selected SkyCloak in its latest (third) version for the unique Gold medal with compliments of the Jury, and the grand prize.


  In her job, Sylia is helping to guide research into technologies that can shape how people in the region communicate. As a proven leader, she works with her team to create innovative solutions bringing insights from her Stars of Science journey to her daily work and forging the way for women in the scientific field. Along with her team, she managed to successfully deliver different projects in several domains including but not limited to Cyber Security, ITC, and ITS; five of which have been patented.


Personal Reflection

Her experience on the show taught her the value of believing in herself and her ideas during tough times. She credits her mentor, Stars of Science Season 8 winner Abderrahim Bourouis, for teaching her this value. Sylia remembers the first day they met and that he asked her what her goal in life was. At that moment in time, she had no answer for him. “Abderrahim told me to think about it, write it down, and not to tell anyone what I had written. He then said to open that paper in my darkest day and remember that I have a goal. One day, he assured me, I would reach it! And, after being selected in the top 9 for Stars of Science, I wrote that I wanted to be in the final!” As for future contestants on the show, Sylia emphasizes: “The bigger the dream, the bigger the obstacles.” 



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