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Thieab Al Dossary

4th Place Winner

“Stars of Science really gave me a boost; I was terrified of being on camera in the beginning and talking about my technology. But having overcome it I felt I could approach anyone, after all, I was on TV!” Says the innovator Thieab Al Dossary, who won 4th place in the Stars of Science season 6. 

Project & Impact 

Thieab’s “Tactile Communicating Bracelet,” or ‘Feelix,’ is well in tune with wearable technologies. The device communicates information to the user via electro-tactile pads on the user’s arm and is paired to a mobile phone. Thieab hopes to add an extra layer to the multimedia by adding a sense of touch to the experience.  He envisions many applications for his project, including use in sports, medicine, fitness, gaming, interpersonal communication, etc. As an open-platform device, the possibilities for Feelix are limitless - anyone with a good idea and programming skills can design software for it.

Aftermath of SoS

After finishing in fourth place in SOS Season 6, Thieab Al Dossary has invested time, energy, and money into developing Feelix into a viable product.  In 2016, Thieab successfully secured funding after winning the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy's (SC) flagship innovation award from Challenge 2022, an innovation and entrepreneurship contest held in Qatar. He obtained an issued patent for his design and innovation from the U.S. Patent Office. 


Thieab worked on building a small team of co-founders with whom the wearable device created on the program underwent several redesigns and developments. Having conducted some research and explored the possibilities the product can deliver, Thieab and the Feelix team have focused on tailoring the Feelix Arm to the wearable fitness device market before extending it further to other markets. With unyielding determination, the innovator has worked through the pandemic and has developed a new arm-based device, as well as a new prototype. 

Thieab's innovative team is diligently developing a plethora of exciting new applications and features for their product line. These advancements are currently undergoing rigorous testing within Thieab's strategic target markets to ensure superior performance and customer satisfaction.

Thieab and his expanding team recently took part in an Oxford University Demo day. He  was recently employed at Oxford Brookes University as an Entrepreneurship and Innovation Consultant, before transitioning to Coventry University to work as an IP Commercialisation Consultant. Recently, he has moved on from Coventry University and will be teaching at a Summer school based in Oxford, specifically designed for young entrepreneurs. In addition to this, Thieab is in the process of establishing his own online school called the Inventor Academy -, where he provides workshops and online courses to inventors and entrepreneurs.

Last update June 2023