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Wahiba took part in Stars of Science Season 1 with her invention CarrotLines. The innovation is a mobile application that helps consumers make healthier choices by simply scanning the barcode on food items. The concept was refined and branded during her time on the Stars of Science program where her product name CarrotLines was first coined – a combination of health icon (“carrot”) and barcode (“lines”).

Beyond Stars of Science

Since appearing on Stars of Science, CarrotLines has grown into one of the most popular apps in Canada which helps Canadians make healthier meal choices. In addition, the app was featured in the top 10 health and fitness Apps on iTunes and garnered much attention and credibility from the media and industry opinion leaders. Wahiba was the recipient of numerous awards for entrepreneurship and innovation, including ‘The Palme D’Or by Club Avenir for Excellence in Entrepreunership’.

Today, CarrotLines has a large user base and database of over 40,000 food products and 2,000 food brands. CarrotLines has also evolved into a platform enabling food brands to engage directly with consumers at the point of sale. The app CarotLines has grown into a large online, mobile and social health network that reaches more than 100,000 members monthly.

One of the latest features of CarrotLines on BNN App Central can be viewed here:

In February 2013, CarrotLines partnered with Canada’s most famous fitness trainer, Tommy Europe, host of ‘The Last 10lbs’ program to re-launch the app. The new product, called Carrotlines powered by Tommy Europe, provides exclusive access to fitness and nutrition videos from Tommy Europe.

In May 2013, CarrotLines launched ‘The Food Wiki’, an online food community and the largest source of Canadian food product information available at which allows users to get in-depth product information and connect with food brands available across the Canadian marketplace.

In addition to her app, Wahiba has been busy launching her own company, Media Touch, a digital media boutique agency that focuses on digital media strategy, community management and app development( )

She also plans to continue the development of her CarrottLines product in partnership with the popular Tommy Europe trainer.

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Wahiba has been featured in Arab, US, and Canadian media since she took part in Stars of Science and has interviewed with the likes of CNN, Al Jazeera, CBC, Radio Canada, The National Post, The Epoch Times and The Vancouver Sun.

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