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Walaa’s “Smart and Safe Headphones,” called ‘Amiica,’ monitor and analyze external sounds to stop music automatically when any risk is detected.  This device aims to reduce accidents caused by the lack of awareness of potential dangers while driving, exercising or at leisure.  Walaa is confident that her invention will provide users a safe and effective way to enjoy their music without sacrificing safety.

The Amiica project is very meaningful to Walaa.  A few years ago, she lost a friend in an accident.  While riding her bike and listening to music, her friend was struck by a car.  Walaa is resolved to prevent such tragic accidents with her invention, which she believes will save lives while still allowing people to listen to their favorite music.

Beyond Stars of Science

After her elimination in the design phase of Stars of Science Season 6, the 25-year-old Tunisian didn’t give up. Instead, she has excelled in innovation competitions around the Arab world.  In doing so, she has succeeded in introducing her project to a vast audience of potential investors and customers. 

With the goal of establishing her own technology company in the near future, Walaa has been able to improve the prototype she built during the program, an achievement of which she is very proud.  Thankful for the support she receives from her family, including her husband, who is an inventor as well, Walaa plans to launch Amiica into the market.

Walaa will continue her work of developing and marketing her invention.  In addition, she is spending time on devising more ways to enhance the safety of headphone users.  Her next goal is to secure investment in order to progress from the prototype stage to the production phase.

In her home country, Walaa’s invention took first place among technology projects in Arab Tunisian Bank’s “Challenge” competition.  Walaa was a semifinalist in the 8th Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Enterprise Forum Arab Startup Competition in Kuwait, which showcases entrepreneurship and creativity across the region.

Personal Reflection

Walaa believes that her experience on Stars of Science improved her leadership abilities as well as her technical skills. “I appreciate that Qatar, through Qatar Foundation and Stars of Science, exerts all efforts to encourage inventors and entrepreneurs.  This completely changed my perception of how the Arab world values science and innovation, because it gave my peers and I the confidence and strength to excel at what we do,” said Walaa.

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