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Waleed Jan

3rd Place Winner

About the project

Waleed Jan is a mechanical engineer from KSA. His project is called the “Mechanical Braille Editor” or Re-braille. It has the feature of text editing for the blind, allowing the user to edit the text and correct any typing mistakes before the text is printed on paper, saving major redo efforts, time and wasted papers. The novel feature is based on pure mechanical (no electrical energy needed) full A4 size mechanical Braille editing realization to a conventional Braille typing device.

After speaking to a few professors specializing in teaching braille, he was told that one of the biggest challenges was facilitating the editing process for students. The students would notice that there were many mistakes only after having completed their homework. They then had to waste much time reviewing their work from the start. His innovation enables these students to waste less time editing and better the quality of their work.  

Beyond Stars of Science

Waleed was recently honored by Forbes Middle East, ranking among the top 100 entrepreneurs in KSA.

He also ranked second in the MITEF Saudi Arabia Competition, and reached the semi-finals in the MITEF Pan-Arab Competition.

Waleed won second prize in the 2010 Saudi Telecom Company (STC) Innovation Competition, and was voted top 15 at the 2012 NTEC Competition offered by the Badir program for technology incubation, organized in partnership with Intel Silicon Valley.

After winning third place in Stars of Science Season 5, Waleed was honored by several educational institutions in KSA, the director of education in North Riyadh, and the president of Tadrees Holding, a company that owns a number of schools in the Kingdom.

Waleed also qualified to the semi-finals in the 2014 GIST competition with his Re-braille device.

Additionally, Waleed created a new device that helped him win a competition for the support of entrepreneurs, sponsored by Tasamy. The device is a platform for birds that can accommodate surplus of food, be it rice, bread, or baked goods. The device then grinds the food surplus, turning it into bird food.

Waleed also founded the TCG Master store.

Personal Reflection

An innovator for whom nothing is impossible, his family plays a big role in his life. His wife, parents, and siblings are his biggest source of inspiration and motivation for success. By his own words: “My measure of success is to be better today than I was the day before! As long as the Waleed of today is better than that of yesterday, I am succeeding!” Three words that describe his modus operandi: perfection, devotion, and determination. His advice to future innovators:” Live the moment and enjoy Stars of Science, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!”

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Twitter: @welloj

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