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Wassim El Hariri

Hospital Patient Food Delivery Robot

About the Project

Wassim’s mechanical expertise is deeply rooted in artificial intelligence. During Stars of Science, he developeda device to deliver food from the hospital kitchen to the patients’ bedside. Wassim’s Hospital Patient Food Delivery Robot increases hospital efficiency by freeing up medical staff’s time and ensures that patients are served meals quickly and safely.


Beyond Stars of Science

Wassim was working in Berlin-Germany, as an International Project Manager for a well-respected industrial tech company after finishing his thesis. In 2019, he launched his own startup called Revotonix, the 1st mobile robot company in the region working between Lebanon and Germany. With two partners and a team of 5 members, Revotonix has clients in Egypt, Qatar and Lebanon. Revotonix offers customized mobiles robots, robotics consultancy and Felix the robot is the 1st product launched.  Felix is an advertising interactive robot that can detect the gender and the age of the viewer/user. It can display advertisement depending on the age and sex of the user and has many other features such as collecting statistics and displaying interactive avatars. 

Since his appearance on the show, Wassim won three competitions with his Hospital Patient Food Delivery Robot,  SASHA from which the Tech-I Competition – a worldwide contest organized by the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST), the U.S. Department of State’s flagship entrepreneurship program. Winning first prize, Wassim received over $50,000 in start-up resources, tickets to California, a dedicated feature article, and much more. 

In 2019,  SASHA, his prototype from Stars of Science, was sold to a Belgian company which is using it for industrial purposes. 

His latest  product is ZenZoe, a joint project with his partners, one of the largest mobile robots manufacturers in Europe, and the Covid-19 pandemic being the main incentive; “The Corona outbreak was really the alarm for all the people who contributed in this product. We were on a mission to put all of our knowledge and experience; each one is his domain – in our case it’s robotics - to fight this outbreak and this was what really drove us.” ZenZoe was developed to act as an autonomous robot capable of making the decisions of where to go next and reach even the shaded and covered areas in a room to disinfect to the maximum using cutting-edge UVC technology. 

Following the pandemic, his startup took to Software development and is now focusing on developing navigation algorithms for mobile robots in different fields such as manufacturing, social & service robots. His startup recently partnered with a top leading robotics company for the purpose of implementing their navigation software.


Personal Reflection

Passionate, persistent, and adaptable; Wassim has learnt to view all life experiences in a positive light; getting eliminated in the semi-finals made him even stronger. “We have a responsibility towards all the young innovators willing to make a change. We need to improve the economy and life in general and create a sustainable planet – it’s a big responsibility for all of us.” 

Wassim feels he gained extensive entrepreneurial skills and vital insights into building a business from scratch. He advises the innovators on the show to be proud of what they achieved. His two cents to future contestants: “At the end of the day, you all made it to the final nine, anything from here on out is a bonus for your career and your future.”


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