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Story of

Youssef El Azouzi

Flow Modulation Stent
1st Place Winner


1% inspiration, 99% perspiration, and a big spoon of destiny are what brought Youssef to Stars of Science! The Moroccan powerhouse isn’t afraid of making mistakes to drive research towards the future of non-invasive medicine.

He might be able to steal your vote in a heartbeat, but Youssef’s main passion lies in preventing heart failure through scientific innovation that is both affordable and effective.  Quite ironically, he had to travel all the way to the West to visit the vibrant start-up culture of Silicon Valley, USA, and search for funding – only to come back and find it in the East!

A true chameleon, Youssef disguises himself as a crafty researcher when he is an equally talented horseback rider…or so we have been told.


About the Project 

Heart failure is a serious condition with no long-term or reasonably-priced treatment options.  Youssef’s tapered abdominal aortic Flow Modulator Stent (FMS) solves this dilemma by cost-effectively improving blood distribution efficiency and helping to avoid the onset of heart failure. The device controls the flow of aortic blood and serves as a potential low-cost alternative to existing solutions such as heart pumps. It would require less maintenance and may thus enable the patient to live a full and normal life. 



The Flow Modulator Stent mitigates the risk of heart failure by offering an affordable, low-maintenance solution toend-stage Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) patientsworldwide. The risk-taker has every confidence that the device will not only save lives but ensure a better quality of life to the benefitting out-patients.