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Zainab Abosuhail

Auto Cast Making onto Simple Fractured Limbs

About the Project


Throughout her young life, Zainab valued the wellbeing of others above anything else, committing herself to her responsibilities as a nurse. When her father suffered complications from an incorrectly applied cast, she took the tragic experience and turned it into a tale of resilience and innovation.


While medical professionals work tirelessly to ensure that patients are given the proper treatment without compromise, the risk of human error is always present. To help mitigate this, the Bahraini innovator designed the Auto Cast Making onto Simple Fractured Limbs machine, which automates the processes of cast creation. The device uses special software to analyze the fracture, mixes appropriate materials to produce the cast, and automatically applies this to the broken limb.

Beyond Stars of Science


Zainab joined the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in her native Bahrain, taking special courses on respiratory care for patients on mechanical ventilation at the Bahrain Defence Force Royal Medical Services military hospital. She currently works as a nurse at a field intensive care unit catering to patients afflicted with the disease, courageously serving on the frontlines to protect her beloved community.


These tireless but vital efforts put the brakes on her plans to pursue higher education beyond her bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Bahrain. Despite proving herself on the field, she wishes to further expand her knowledge and earn a master’s degree at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, which she hopes to join after the worst of the pandemic passes.


Zainab’s relentless drive to serve her community led her to found Post of Hope, a unique initiative that supports cancer patients in Bahrain. In February 2020, they opened a special entertainment room for oncology patients at a local hospital, dedicated to improving their mental wellbeing. The results were dramatic enough that they warranted further research, with the Bahraini working with the International Council of Nurses to properly document the effect the environment has on the psychology of cancer patients.


Personal Reflection


Zainab sees her Stars of Science experience as a turning point in her life. “That is when I overcame my natural shyness and negative cultural perceptions, both of which handicapped my desire to pursue my invention,” she said.

If there is anything the Bahraini kept close to heart after leaving the show, it is that the innovation journey never stops. She encourages other young Arab innovators to embrace the uncertainty that comes with committing to their inventions. “Try to enjoy each moment. You will always learn and take away something priceless, no matter what happens,” Zainab said.

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