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Dr. Maan Zrein

Co-founder and managing director at INFYNITY BIOMARKERS
When man wanted to create a machine that would walk, he invented the wheel which doesn’t resemble the feet.


Throughout his 30+ year scientific career, Dr Maan has spearheaded a wide range of applied research programs in the field of infectious diseases and biomarkers. Research undertaken by his company INFYNITY Biomarkers has led to peer-reviewed scientific publications in international journals including PLoS series, Transfusion, Vaccine, etc. His company is also recognized as one of the leading experts in identifying immune-dominant protein sequences (epitope mapping) securing six patent families that are valorized world-wide by international industry players.

After completing a PhD in immunochemistry at the University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France with a focus on immunodiagnostics for pathogen, Dr. Maan embraced his career in industrial R&D in Canada where he directed R&D and developed programs applied to the IVD industry that have been marketed worldwide. Dr. Maan is a passionate science communicator, contributing to a wide range of international conferences and Symposium as a speaker.


When the Stars of Science team contacted me to join program as an expert; it was first time I had heard about such a brilliant program in the Arab world. After living 40 years out of the Middle-East, I was disconnected and didn’t even imagine such an initiative can exist in our region.

I particularly enjoyed technical and scientific discussions, learned to adjust highly specialized terms for communication to a large audience, and openly exchanged ideas on different topics. In my view; the Stars of Science working environment can be compared to the Tower of Babel where all languages are spoken, people are blended from all over the Arab world, they live scattered and they convene in a large lab for inventions.