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Dr. Ahmad Koubeissi

Robotics and Microcontroller Systems
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Ahmad Koubeissi received his Ph.D. degree in robotics and automation from Polytech Lille, France, in 2015. He is currently an associate professor at the faculty of engineering in the Islamic University of Lebanon. His research interests include multi-level/multi-structure modeling and simulation of cooperative technological component systems under System of Systems (SoS) concept. Ahmad contributed to Intelligent Transportation for Dynamic Environment (InTraDE) project within North West Europe (NWE), dedicated to enhancing the navigation of intelligent autonomous vehicles in seaport terminals with the aid of unmanned aerial vehicles. Ahmad has an extensive experience in the design and implementation of data acquisition systems and microcontroller systems.


Mentoring Projects at Stars of Science has given me a chance to broaden my scope and look at the bigger picture. Here, we are not just building engineering prototypes, we are blending innovative thinking from the bright minds of Arab youth with brilliant engineering skills to yield state-of-art pioneer products.