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Dr. Sami Karaki

Professor of Electrical Engineering at the American University of Beirut
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Dr. Sami H. Karaki obtained his B.E. in Electrical Engineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 1975.  He later earned his PhD. in Electric Power Engineering, University of Manchester, 1980.   He was a research Fellow for one year at the University in Manchester until 1981. 

He then joined the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research where he worked as a Research Scientist until 1990. There he worked on two important projects: the first being a feasibility study of the interconnection of the power systems of Arabian GCC countries, and the second being the electric power systems interconnection of Mashreq Arab countries. 

He joined AUB in 1992 where he is currently a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at AUB. He has taught courses in computer programming, electric circuits, digital systems design, power electronics, electric machines (motors and generators), power systems analysis, power systems planning, and sustainable energy systems. From 2016 to 2020, he was the chairperson of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at AUB. 

His research interests are in the analysis and designs of classical and renewable energy systems. Recently, his focus has been on the analysis and design of sustainable energy systems to provide remote communities with access to electricity and water systems. He is interested in the development of sustainable systems to help reduce pollutions in cities, and to design renewable hydrogen supply systems to fuel cell cars. He is currently supervising two PhD students. The first (Mr. Adnan Zein) is working on the optimal design and operation of a renewable energy system to supply electricity and water to a remote community. The second student (Ms. Amal Asaad) is developing her research proposal on the design of community-owned systems to produce an energy product, e.g. ethanol, and ship it to industrial countries to help find employment in less developed countries, reduce CO2emissions, and thus fight global warming. 

Dr. Karaki is a founding member of the Energy Research Group at AUB and has been involved in several regional and international funded projects as PI and as research scientist.