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Dr. Souheil Elhakim

BIÇAKCILAR CEO Medical Ultrasound Physics & Technology Expert
The signs of your success start with first trial failures of a long journey of trials.

Dr. Souheil Hakim has the passion for healthcare that has taken him around the globe working with great companies in the sector. Presently, as the Chief Executive Officer of Biçakcilar Medical Devices, the leading medical device manufacturer in Turkey, he has the role and the vision of taking the company to wider horizons of globalization to contribute to human life anywhere in the world. Having a great team with strong know-how developed over 60 years, Dr. Hakim’s master skills and experience in medical devices, Ultrasound Physics and Technologies, Neurosurgery, Cardiovascular therapies, and Surgical enabling technologies along with Production and People Management skills have created a strong roadmap to the future of the company.

Dr. Hakim believes in strategic and innovative approach to growth and his compassion for human life is contagious to assure the mission of the company is realized.