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Eng. Dany Yacoub

Software Computer Engineer
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Dany Yacoub attained his BE in Computer Engineering from ESIB Lebanon in 2006. He founded Y-Mobility in November 2012, a software company that uses mobile applications to enhance fleet management and distribution solutions, and also develops customized enterprise solutions. Dany interests are in the fields of Application Architecture, Application Design and Development, Mobile Development and Programming.


It feels amazing to be part of a program that is promoting science and innovation in the Arab world, and providing the candidates the tools to move forward and create their startups. The opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of innovators as well as mentors who are experts in their fields, on innovative ideas, and trying to solve uncommon problems under pressure is a great pleasure.

It always inspires me when I meet the candidates & see the effort they give to their inventions & the creativity of their solutions.