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Eng. Rene Wassenburg

Electronics Engineer
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Rene Wassenburg is an electronics engineer trained at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands). In 2001 he started his career as a hardware/firmware engineer, and since then gained broad experience in both analogue and digital design techniques, embedded (sensor) systems as well as power electronics and high voltage applications. With a hands-on approach he has developed a good understanding of production, manufacturing and certification processes. 

Currently he runs his own electronics design studio in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and works for clients in Europe, North America and the Middle East region. His services range from technical consultancy to prototyping and product development.


Stars of Science offers a great opportunity to work on a range of interesting innovations with young people. The fact that I can play an active role in helping and guiding the candidates realizing their ideas gives great satisfaction. We start with nothing, we finish with a product. Looking back at the past seasons it's just unbelievable to see how much result can be made in such short time.