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Mrs. Elisabete Reis

Image, Etiquette&Protocol Consultant
Looking my best is not a dream or a goal is a way of life.


“Looking my best is not a dream or a goal is a way of life”.

Elisabete lived and worked in 3 continents with people from all backgrounds, cultures and religions but the 3 most common insecurities where exactly the same everywhere regardless of job ranking or financial status.

“Body Image”

“Lack of confidence”

“Social skills”

Elisabete decided to pursue a long time dream of Coaching people in all areas of Image and went to study in very diverse schools in countries like Portugal, Singapore, Uk, USA to become a specialized Image, Etiquette and Protocol Consultant with some of the most renowned mentors.

On her workshops or talks Elisabete always starts with “It takes us a tenth of a second to form an impression so lets make it a good one”!


When I joined Stars of Science Season 9 I joined a family, from the office staff to the production team to the contestants and various mentors I never felt so welcomed so at home. Being involved with this amazing team behind the scenes is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.