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Mrs. Loulwa Kaloyeros

Success is having a purpose, taking responsibility and living courageously. Embracing adversity with patience and zealousness. Finding meaning in the flow of the moment.


Loulwa Kaloyeros completed her graduate work in developmental psychology at the University of Manchester in the UK. Since her return to Lebanon in 1988, she has devoted most of her time to the field of education. She is a faculty member at the Lebanese American University where she teaches psychology. In addition to teaching she has assumed several responsibilities at the administrative level and she was the academic coordinator for the MEPI-TL scholarship recipients. She specialized in stress management at the Centre for Stress Management in London in the late 90's and then completed a specialization in clinical psychology.

In addition to teaching, she is very active in coaching and training and has developed training programs for schools, banks and other organizations.

She has been with Stars of Science since season 6 developing an assessment and coaching plan for candidates. Personality and leadership are the core focus of her engagement with the candidates, assisting them in their journey from day one all through the different phases until they face the jury during the primes.


Stars of Science has been the alternative highlight of my career. Since season 6, SOS has given me the opportunity to share with a wider audience my expertise in personality assessment, coaching and training. It has also put me in touch with budding Arab scientists and innovators and given me the chance to exchange ideas and experiences. Stars of Science is a window of optimism for the future of the Arab world.