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Prof. Elegast Monbaliu

Neuromotor Rehabilitation
If science doesn't serve, it serves to nothing.

Elegast Monbaliu is currently part-time professor tenure track (60%FTE) at the Department Rehabilitation Sciences Campus Bruges and staff member at the Medical Service of Dominiek Savio and DVC Sint Jozef (special education schools for people with motor disabilities, Belgium). He obtained a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Sciences (1998) and an additional Master in Pediatric Rehabilitation (1999) at the KU Leuven (Belgium). Subsequently he worked as a pediatric physical therapist in Dominiek Savio Instituut (Belgium), where he was appointed Head of Physical Therapy Department in 2002. In 2007, he was appointed as Executive co-worker Scientific Research Staffworker at the Dominiek Savio Instituut. Based on the clinical need towards further insights in dyskinetic cerebral palsy (CP), he started a PhD in Biomedical Sciences which he completed in 2013 (KU Leuven, Belgium). From October 2013 till September 2017, he worked as a part-time post-doctoral researcher (10-60% FTE) with teaching tasks. Since November 2013 he has been appointed as Staff Member Medical Service in Dominiek Savio in Gits (currently 30% FTE). In October 2017 he has been appointed as part-time assistant professor (60%FTE) at Campus Bruges. In November 2017 he has been appointed as part-time Staff Member Medical Service in DVC Sint Jozef in Antwerp (10% FTE)