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Prof. Fadl Moukalled

Computational Fluid Dynamics
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Fadl Moukalled is a Professor of mechanical engineering at the American University of Beirut. His main research interest is in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He developed several schemes for the discretization of the convection, diffusion, and transient terms. He worked on adaptive and multi grid systems for the solution of incompressible and compressible single and multi-fluid laminar and turbulent flows including evaporation and condensation. He unified the formulation and compared the performance of single and multiphase pressure based segregated algorithms and developed convective and transient schemes for solving free surface flows in the context of the volume of fluid method. He developed a coupled algorithm for accelerating the solution of flow problems. He also worked in blood hemodynamics and reported on a new boundary condition model that he used for predicting the fractional flow reserve in diseased coronary arteries. He has over 100 journal articles published in leading international journal, over 50 refereed conference papers and book chapters, and a book on the finite volume method in computational fluid dynamics.