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Sevag Babikian

Mechatronics engineer
Being part of the Stars of Science family gives me the opportunity to be exposed to innovative projects and creative minds. It's an exciting roller coaster with every project and that keeps me motivated throughout the journey.

Sevag Babikian received a bachelor’s & master’s degree from the American University of Beirut in mechanical engineering with emphasis in mechatronics and robotics in 2012. He then gained experience in industrial automation in the food and plastics manufacturing industries. His freelance work also covers design and implementation of multidisciplinary interactive mechatronic systems and the development of prototypes for numerous hardware startups in Beirut. In parallel, Sevag was involved since 2013 in academia as the mechatronics and robotics instructor at the mechanical engineering department at the American University of Beirut (AUB). In 2020, Sevag joined Lebanon’s Berytech incubator as a tech lead and technical mentor for hardware and software startups in Lebanon and the region.

In addition to being a mentor, Sevag is an alumnus of the program as he won 3rdplace in Season 8 of Stars of Science ( 2016) with his Efficient Desktop 3D printer, capable of printing objects horizontally and obliquely, as opposed to the usual printers.