What is Assistive Technology?
Assistive technology is a device or service that helps a person with a disability in his or her daily activities. Assistive technology can be found in the home, workplace, school, and community. Assistive technology helps a person with a disability to become or remain independent.

Why Innovation in Assistive Technology is important?
Innovation is the “creation of new knowledge that is applied to practical problems”, is the most important driver of competitive success which in this case in Assistive Technology.
The ever changing, rapidly evolving field of technology is dramatically improving the lives of many with and without disabilities. The continuous innovation on Assistive Technology (AT) will enable PWDs in compensating for their disabilities and make their day-to-day activities much easier. Innovating Assistive Technology exponentially expands PWDs’ ability to communicate, study, perform academic and functional tasks, access environments, participate in recreation and leisure activities, live as independently as possible and compete in the workplace.

MADA Innovation Program
MADA is introducing an innovation program to empower developers and creators of Assistive Technology Solutions.
The innovation program is focused on developing the unique innovation opportunities within individuals and/or organizations that serve to develop solutions that would cater towards the Arab region. The program involves receiving funding, mentoring, access to feedback from relevant test users, and guidance to help commercialize the solution.
Beneficiaries of the program will learn to apply a structured innovation process that allows insights and ideas to be rapidly translated into cost effective concepts, prototypes and business models.
The beneficiaries will be equipped with key tools, and frameworks that they can benefit from beyond the tenure of their enrollment in the program. The program is delivered and facilitated by our team of AT practitioners and professionals with extensive experience in the field.
For further information about the Mada Innovation Program and its application process, please visit