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Dr. Mohamad Ziad Chaari

4th Place Winner

About the Project

In a world facing unprecedented challenges, humanity needs science more than ever. Tunisian Stars of Science alumnus, Mohamad Ziad Chaari, continues to refine new technological solutions, helping advance our collective technological understanding.

Inspired by his vast experience in the pipelines industry, Mohamad designed a Wireless Charger for Robotic Pipeline Crawlers; securing him a very respectable fourth place in Season 3. Oil pipes often utilise robotic technology and electromagnetic waves to monitor the transportation process from start to finish. While a fundamental technique, these existing machines require constant recharging and maintenance; wasting a whole heap of unnecessary money. Mohamad’s invention counters this by enabling the used electromagnetic waves to wirelessly charge the robots from as far as 500 meters away. And the pièce de résistance? The machine additionally enhances the inspection process, increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and even increases the workers’ safety. 

Beyond Stars of Science

As the COVID-19 pandemic posed an unprecedented challenge to healthcare systems around the world, the inventor sprung into action, joining a talented team competing at HACK-COVID-19, a virtual hackathon hosted by the Qatar Development Bank. The jury selected them as one of the winning teams for NURSA, an autonomous robot that delivers medicine and food within hospitals, improving the safety of frontline workers and patients alike.


Calling Qatar his home in the Middle East, Mohamad’s employment repertoire currently includes active roles as Technology Expert at the Ministry of Defence of the State of Qatar, Technical Expert at Qatar Scientific Club, and Technical Advisor in some projects in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Qatar University. Mohamad is also a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, based in New Jersey, USA, and its Microwave Theory and Techniques Society.

Mohamad took his Stars of Science prototype around the world, winning enough awards to fill an entire cabinet. To summarise: the FIIG INPEX Award, 2012; European INPEX Award, 2012; gold medal at EUROINVENT, 2013; gold medal at Expo Inventika (Romanian Investors Forum), 2013; Best Innovator Award at the World Inventor Award Festival, 2013; the $15,000 Grand Prize at the 7th International Invention Fair in the Middle East IIFME-Kuwait, 2014 and a gold medal from Association Russian House for International Scientific and Technological Cooperation, 2014.

Sound like a lot? That’s not all - the tech whizz has further worked to obtain not one, not two, but three patents for his Wireless Charger for Robotic Pipeline Crawler; one from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and the other two from the USA. Furthermore, on a personal development level, he boasts academic accomplishments in the likes of completing his Ph.D. in Oil and Gas Robotics Inspection at the University of ENIS-Tunisia. 

To top it all off, he published his first book in 2015 – titled "Transfert d’énergie électrique pour charger les batteries d'un robot: Transmission d'énergie" – which examines wireless power technologies. The Tunisian also published an updated English version, “Design and Production of a System for Wireless Charging the Battery: “The wireless power transmission device,” in 2018.

Personal Reflection

As a patent and award-winning innovator, credited author, and Ph.D. holder, it’s safe to say that Mohamad is pretty chuffed with his abundant successes so far – and rightly so. Oozing ambition, he has no immediate plans to stop, hoping to further refine his existing inventions and bring them yet another step closer to mass production. Motivated by “the power inside” him, Mohamad is most happy when he’s satisfied with what he’s achieved. Preaching the notion that “you need to work smartly if you’re going to succeed,” it’s clear from the last few years of grafting that he has indeed done just that.  

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