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Car Engine Retrofit Kit

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Imagine driving a vehicle with the performance of a sports car and the fuel efficiency of a hybrid. Better yet, imagine you didn’t have to sell your car and buy a new one to be able to live this dream. Instead, you keep driving your trusty old car, but now you cruise with the elegance that can rival any custom-made Italian supercar.

This was the genius behind Mohammad Abazeed’s innovation in Stars of Science Season 5. Mohammad designed a retrofit one-size-fits-all kit that enhances a vehicle’s torque (the capacity of the engine) and increases its horsepower (how quickly the task can be done) by 30 percent while simultaneously boosting net fuel efficiency from around 35 percent to 50 percent. It may sound like science fiction, but to Mohammad, it is his reality. “It is my calling as a mechanical engineer,” he said. “We’re taught to never let a problem go unsolved.”



Beyond Stars of Science

Since his time at SOS, Mohammad has taken to developing his technology further, finding new ways to improving its performance. His car engine retrofit kit, now retrofit-ability as a technology feature, was developed to have the capability to allow for a 70 percent increase in torque, as opposed to the 35 percent he started with on the show. The technology is currently in its commercialization phase, with Mohammad and his team working on prototyping and joint developments agreements with potential partners and clients with one project being ready for the market. .  The Car Performance Enhancer has always remained top priority for Mohammad.

Fuelled by his mantra – “don’t count time, make your time count,” the young engineer went above and beyond to make his mark. He was able to establish his own company JAZARI Smart ICE in Istanbul, Turkey. There, he secured several funds from private investors from his home country of Jordan, along with public grants from the government of Turkey. Since 2017, he has received two TUBITAK Grants, the second of which amounted to 1 million US dollars and was received in July, 2021. 

Mohammad is currently the chief technical officer of his own company, leading the technology team in bringing the company’s vision to life. His goal is to expand his business by developing new technologies to help solve the region’s biggest problems. Mohammad considers the scarcity of resources to be the world’s largest challenge, and he looks forward to finding creative ways that help everyday people conserve their intake.

“Preparations to expand to the EU and the US have already started and we have 3 to 5 years to reach our next milestone” the passionate innovator stated. 


To date, Mohammad has secured a new USPTO Patent granted in March 2021 for his invention along with an EPO Patent application to be granted soon after. The innovator has four more PCT patent applications in the pipeline. 


The prototype for his Gasoline Engine has reached the TRL 5 stage with a TRL6 stage initiated for motorsport and performance applications.

In the coming months, the engineer will be demonstrating the functionality of a new project for Diesel Engines, with the prototype being in the 4th level of technology readiness.


Not far from his original goal, Mohammad is also working, along with his team, on several deep tech applications meant to enhance and benefit the work of already existing applications for use in generators or any engine relying on fuel to produce mechanical energy. “Each piece of technology we develop has a specific purpose and is meant to serve a specific goal for the specific client we’re working with” says Mohammad.  


With continuous support from both the public and private sectors, the innovator and his multinational team of engineers and advisors have long term plans for their various products over the coming years until more of the retrofit-ability technologies hit the market. As for market value, Mohammad’s company was estimated to be worth 15 million US dollars in the formal gazette in October of 2020. By that time, the company had secured a seed fund of 350 000 USD. To further increase development and efficiency, the inventor and his team are working on a VC fundraiser in Istanbul amounting to 6 million USD by the end of 2021 to fuel their commercialization and expansion plans. 



Personal Reflection


It is not easy being a mechanical engineer with a hyperactive imagination. Mohammad’s mind is always racing.

“My family complains that I can never be completely tuned off from work. But this is what happens when you love what you do. You don’t consider it work, it occupies your mind and all you feel is passion. Its cliché in a way, but it truly does become your life.”

“The project I presented in Stars of Science was hard to fit within the show’s framework at the time. But 8 years later, here I am, with several patents, a company on the rise and continuous support from the show.” 


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