Season 15 Innovators

Profile of

Amir Mattar Jaber Alenezi

Falcon Training System


Amir developed a strong passion for physics during his school days and always dreamt of becoming a scientist. He studied chemical engineering, but after realizing this was not his calling, he signed up for a degree in Physics and eventually obtained his Bachelor’s of Physics from the University of Bahrain.

His pursuit of innovation lead him to Stars of Science, and the show resonated with his ambition. While working on his innovation, he recognized the great potential of joining a show with such an ecosystem that would bring his project to life. 

Aside from science, Amir has always held a passion for falconry and innovation, conjuring up ways through which to combine the two. He started exploring the area of tech innovation, and realized that falconry like other sports can benefit from the application of technology, and so began his journey. 

About the Project 

A tradition most celebrated in the GCC, falconry is a very intricate art that needs special dedication and training standards laid from generation to generation. Amir sees an opportunity by leveraging his knowledge to create a falcon training device comprising a communication module, a telemetry system to gather data on speed and location, and a robotic arm to emulate the hand gestures of a human falconer.

This device is set to automate the sport and maximize results by using robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

The invention aims to feature far more accuracy than traditional methods, contributing in enhancing the falcon’s stamina and upgrading the falcon training process. 


Amir’s aim to revolutionize falconry extends beyond the sport’s high-spending market. He seeks to automate and computerize the process, making it accessible to more enthusiasts. 

His ultimate goal is to commercialize his invention and make it more accessible for a wider base of falconry enthusiasts while exploring its adaptability to other sports to enhance performance transparency through digitalization, lower human resource burden, and add exciting enjoyment for a broader audience, especially youth.