The Support Team

The core of Stars of Science mission is to develop, deploy and perfect each of our innovators’ ideas over the course of the show. None of that would be possible without our dedicated team of out-of-the-box experts and technicians that help each contestant throughout their Stars of Science journey.

M.Sc. Yoeri Nagtegaal
If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off, and try again.
Mrs. Elisabete Reis
Looking my best is not a dream or a goal is a way of life.
M.Sc. Roy Gilsing
An Industrial Designer must be intrigued by how things work, enjoy putting things together, and not be intimidated by the need to generate alternate solutions to complex problems.
Eng. Frank Mahn
Dr. Maan Zrein
When man wanted to create a machine that would walk, he invented the wheel which doesn’t resemble the feet.
Mrs. Loulwa Kaloyeros
Success is having a purpose, taking responsibility and living courageously. Embracing adversity with patience and zealousness. Finding meaning in the flow of the moment.
Dr. Victor A. Khachan
Eng. Rene Wassenburg
Believe in your yourself and magic will happen.
Prof. Elie Shammas
Eng. Rami Nassouh
Persistence is key to achieve great success
Dr. Ahmad Koubeissi
Train your brain to always ask the right questions
Eng. Dany Yacoub
Ms. Youmna Chamcham
Everyone today has the power to communicate with his audience directly and grow his brand’s voice through social media. Mastering your digital presence is crucial to any inventor, scientist and entrepreneur. A good brand is defined by the stories it tells, and the person behind it. They should be as good communicators as they are scientists, up to date with today’s channels and technologies. That’s the added knowledge we want to pass on to the candidates as we design their brand. It’s so much more than a logo.
Mr. Bobby Jefferies
Bet on yourself and trust in the path that you're on.
Ms. Lana Chukri
Prof. Elegast Monbaliu
If science doesn't serve, it serves to nothing.
Dr. Vida Mia Garcia
Too many people confuse being smart with being critical; they point out problems and flaws they think no one else can see. But what if the smartest person in the room isn't the one who shoots an idea down? What if it's the one who says yes to wild possibility? The one who takes a risk on a future no one else can imagine.
Mr. Mohamed Zebian
Pursue your passion and success will follow.
Dr. Sawsan Khuri
Let your courage shine through, they will hear it.
Prof. Ahmad Smaili
“Stars” are a breed who dare to fashion ideas and dreams into tangible accomplishments. As they navigate the twists and turns along the way they dare to care more to transform the seemingly unknowns into knowns with enduring impact”.
Prof. Fadl Moukalled
Nothing is impossible if you are willing to spend time and effort.
Prof. Shadi Najjar
Change calls for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.