Success Stories

Alumni are the backbone of Stars of Science. Each of their journeys throughout the years has inspired young Arab men and women across the world, kick-started products that are now available on the market and restored many people's faith in the ability of young Arab minds to compete worldwide in science, technology, engineering and maths. Here are their stories, both while on the show and after they completed their Stars of Science experience and went on to implement their ideas in the real world.

Abderrahim Bourouis

2016 Season 8 2nd Place Winner

Adib Al Ghossein

2015 Season 7

Ahmad Al Ghazi

2010 Season 2 4th Place Winner

Ahmad Al Ramahi

2012 Season 4

Ahmad Nabeel

2017 Season 9 2nd Place Winner

Ahmed Zahlan

2018 Season 10

Amina Alhawaj

2012 Season 4

Anwar Almojarkesh

2013 Season 5

Bassam Jalgha

2009 Season 1 1st Place Winner