Season 15 Innovators

Profile of

Mohammed Laouacheria

Wearable for Healthy Cows


Mohammed spent much of his childhood a this father’s veterinary clinic, where he was inspired by his mentor and developed both a strong set of skills and a deep sense of compassion towards the animals that received treatment.

Inspired by a previous Algerian Stars of Science finalist, Mohamad Doumir, who was also a veterinarian, he decided to join Stars of Science season 15.

Mohammed completed his Master’s in Marine Bio-resources from Badji Mokhtar University and a Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Constantine I, where he was an active member of the university’s science club. There, he lead the Smart Farm workshop which consists of a fully automated farming concept without any human intervention.

Mohammed aspires to accomplish remarkable feats as an Algerian and Arab and envisions launching a startup that will involve a significant number of Arab innovators to spearhead progressive developments in the region. Also as a passionate veterinarian, he hopes to utilize his expertise to establish a large-scale farm in Algeria to bolster the country’s food security and export its produce regionally and internationally.

About the Project 

Mohammed conducted research aimed at devising methods for monitoring animal health and safeguarding veterinarians and healthy cattle against exposure to pathogens from sick animals.

With his knowledge and interest in artificial intelligence (AI), Mohammed delved into exploring its potential in monitoring cow’s biosignals. He devised a wearable device utilizing auscultation sensors, a microcontroller, and wireless communication tools to track the signals and compare them to pre-determined metrics.

The auscultation sensors monitor the sounds of the cow’s lungs, heart, and stomach and send data to the processor, which analyzes the data and remotely notifies the user in case the analysis indicates a disease or any health condition to take precautionary measures for the monitored cow. 


Mohammed’s invention comes to fill a gap in the farming sectors of Algeria and the Arab world at large, specifically the possible mass monitoring of herds. His invention provides a solution that allows continuous near real-time health monitoring of the animals, and enhancements to their productivity.

The wearable devices can help keep track of the cows’ health vital signs to enable prompt responses to any irregularities, this will allow the specialists in the field to monitor well being of the cows and possible reactions when certain medication is prescribed for each cow individually for improved performance and results from every cattle. 

The project can be expanded to accommodate other animals with further refinement, allowing for wider health risk monitoring and increased production in multiple farming industries.